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Rehome a Dog

Browse all of the dogs that are currently in our care who are all in need of loving forever homes!



Ollie is a lovely Akita cross with a energy for life.  He loves to play.  He is good travelling in the car and seems to have a friendly nature.   He would probably suit a family with older children as he is quite bouncy.  He would be quite happy living with another dog.  He will need a strong enclosed garden as his energy for life means that he has a good spring in his step.  He really wants a family to love him as he has so much to give back.  Are you his forever family?



George is a Bichon Jack Russel cross,  lovely boy who is looking for his forever family.  He has a little stubborn streak ( but who doesn't!).  He would like a family with slightly older children and as he is a terrier cross, cats are probably not going to be the ideal housemates. 

Although George is a small dog he has a wonderful height clearance so a good strong fenced garden is a requirement.  He has lived with other dogs and would probably benefit from having a canine housemate as he can get upset when left. RESERVED





Ronnie is a Patterdale cross border terrier 2 years old. Okay with some dogs not good with cats or livestock, fine around children, he has a mischievous nature and a nervous disposition. He needs lots of love he will take a good while to settle in a home environment, very loving. RESERVED


Pippa and Poppy

Pippa (right, 9 years old) & Poppy (8 years old) are King Charles Spaniels. Very sweet dogs, so gentle and laid back, dependant on one another cannot be separated. Good with other dogs, not bothered by cats but Poppy will bark to protect Pippa, used to being around small children and a busy household. Poppy is the greedier one as she’s a little more chunky. 


Reggie is an English Bulldog, 3 years old. Very loving and loves fuss. Quite fiesty with other dogs whilst on a lead, will lunge and bark and growl. Same with cats. Can be quite nervous and acts like he hasn’t been socialised much, 13+ children as he is boisterous and quite dominant , not massively energetic but does like to run around for a while. Has been used to being the only dog in the household.


Diesel is a 10 year old Husky. He is good on the lead, plays with toys and fetches when it suits him! Doesn't like cats or livestock and can howl when lonely. He's excitable but generally good with other dogs. Diesel needs plenty of space and likes to be off the lead. Would suit an experienced Husky lover. Recommended for older children due to his boisterous nature. He is very active for his age and needs lots of food and exercise. He has a lovely temperament and is eager to be loved.

Important Re-homing procedures for Dogs

A home visit will be carried out prior to any re-homing to ensure that we have the right match.

For  our dogs, a re-homing donation of £200.00 is requested. This helps us cover the costs of caring for our dogs, neutering, worm and flea treatment, and also any required veterinary care.

All dogs have free 5 weeks post-adoption insurance, which is fulfilled through Petplan.

Please note that we do not have card payment facilities here at the sanctuary.

After re-homing, you'll be able to access advice from the Sanctuary as needed for the rest of the dog's life.

Please note :

  • If you live in rented accommodation the Sanctuary will require your landlord's written permission.
  • We do not re-home our dogs with existing dogs that are not neutered (unless for medical or exceptional circumstances).

Also, if you would like more information on any of the dogs available for adoption please contact the Sanctuary on (01633) 866144