Corporate Sponsorship

All Creatures Great & Small is based in South East Wales and we rely almost totally on public donations which help fund the treatment and rehabilitation of injured, abused and unwanted animals. Our aim is to rehome the majority of the animals, although a number remain as permanent residents of the sanctuary. Since the inception of the charity in 2001 we have rehomed hundreds of cats, dogs and small 'furries', always striving to ensure that the 'new' owners are fully briefed on the welfare of the animal.

Having acquired a wealth of knowledge at the sanctuary, the staff are well positioned to instruct the general public in animal welfare education and animal behaviour. We have a 9 acre site and a varied ensemble of animals from Guinea Pigs to horses and plenty of other animals in between!

If your business would be interested in supporting a project at the Sanctuary, please call the Charity Manager on 01633 866144.

 Monmouthshire Building Society - Fundraiser