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Rehome a Cat

Browse all of the cats currently in our care that are in search of their forever home!

Re-homing is strictly by appointment. 

If you are interested in re-homing one of our cats, please e-mail for a "perfect match" form .  While we will try to reply to every application, this isn't always possible due to demand, therefore if you do not receive a reply within 7 days you should presume your application has been unsuccessful. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of looking after the cats please use the "DONATE" button on this website. Many thanks 

Important Re-homing Criteria for Cats

Please note :

  • If you live in rented accommodation you will need your landlord's written consent.
  • We will not home an outdoor cat if you live by a main road.
  • The adoption fee for a cat and kitten is £90.00 (including  flea and worm treatment )
  • Landlord consent and a home visit is needed for all prospective cat adopters.
  • We do not re-home our cats with existing cats that are not neutered (unless for medical or exceptional circumstances).


Domestic Short Hair


MAINLY OUTDOOR but will venture inside the home once the trust has been built up. 

Date of Birth - 1st January 2008


Henry originally came into us back in January 2020 as a stray. He was adopted out and has now come back to us (September 2021) due to family circumstances. We have been told that Henry is a joy to care for. As Henry was a stray in the past, he enjoys being outdoors 80% of the time. It did take quite some time for him to warm up to his previous owners and to roam the house without being spooked. Due to this, Henry would suit a calm, quiet home with no children under the age of 16 and no other pets. 



Age range for children 16+ 


MUST have access to the outdoors


Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth - 2011 Approx


Lucky came into us on the 13th of August 2021. Lucky can be wary of new people at first but she will warm up to you after a while. Lucky prefers to be outdoors but will come in for a cuddle every now and again. Given Lucky's age, we would prefer her to have the option of being indoors the majority of the time, so that she can enjoy the home comforts. Lucky is not good around dogs and therefore cannot be rehomed with one. Lucky will also need to be the only cat in the household. 


Lucky had very matted fur and a bite wound on her tail before arriving to us. She was treated at the Vets which resulted in her having the fur shaved and the wound treated. The wound is now fully healed. Due to Lucky having NO teeth, she cannot clean herself as thoroughly as she should be and therefore, her coat can get a little matted at times. The potential new adopters will need to be aware of this.

Lucky's right eye has begun the start of Cataracts but is absolutely no cause for concern (VET CHECKED).

Please ask a member of Staff for more information on Lucky's Medical Conditions.


Age range for children 14+


PREFERABLY kept as an indoor cat

Zuko and Soka

Domestic Short Hairs

Zuko - Black spots near ears

Suko - Black spot in middle of head


Dates of Birth - 20th July 2019




Zuko and Soka came into us on the 24th October 2021. Both are very sweet, friendly cats who are looking for a stable home. Both cats love a cuddle but are not keen on being picked up. They like to spend a lot of time outside and are very independent. They like to do things on their terms. Zuko and Soka would suit an adult only home, as they have never been around young children. They have also never been around dog's are apparently do not get on with other cats. 


Age range - ADULT HOME ONLY (Over 18) 


MUST have access to the outdoors


Domestic Short Hair

Ginger and White


Date of Birth - Unknown - Roughly 2015 (an estimate guess)


GinGin came into us on the 22nd October 2021. GinGin is a very sweet cat who enjoys a cuddle. He is very curious and is always scouting for food! He loves attention but is also very independent and likes to do his own thing 80% of the time. GinGin has never been around young children or dogs. He is apparently good with other cats and due to this, he may be able to live with one in the future. 


Age range - ADULT HOME ONLY (Over 18) 

COULD potentially live with another cat

MUST have access to the outdoors

Mr Spice

Domestic Short Hair


Date of Birth - February 2021


Spice came into us on the 31st October 2021. Spice is a very sweet cat but he can be extremely nervous. Due to Spice being a stray, we are unsure how he is with other cats and therefore, he could potentially be trialed with one in a new home. Spice cannot live with dogs as he is afraid of them. Spice is very much the type of cat that will need the trust built up and will come to you at first rather than you going to him. 

Age range - 14+

COULD potentially live with another cat

CANNOT live with a dog

MUST have access to the outdoors