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Cats for Adoption

Cats Of The Week: Riley & Maisey - See their rehoming information below!



Browse all of the cats currently in our care that are in search of their forever homes!


If you are interested in re-homing one of our cats, please e-mail us at to request a "Perfect Match Form".  While we will try to reply to every application, this isn't always possible due to demand, therefore if you do not receive a reply within 14 days you should presume your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of looking after the cats, please use the "DONATE" button on this website. Many thanks! 


Important Re-homing Criteria for Cats

Please note :

  • If you live in rented accommodation you will need your landlord's written consent and will need to send this to us via email. 
  • We will not re-home an outdoor cat to you if you live by a main road or railway line. 
  • The adoption fee for a cat and kitten is £90.00. 
  • All cats rehomed from us will be up to date with flea and worming treatment and will be neutered and microchipped before leaving the Sanctuary. (Unless exempt for medical reasons). 
  • We do not re-home our cats with existing cats that are not neutered (unless for medical or exceptional circumstances).

The Process

  • If your application is successful, we will invite all household members in to attend a "meet and greet" with the cat/cats. All household members must attend in order to go ahead to the next stage. 
  • If the above is successful, we will then move onto booking an Adoption Date.
  • All Adopters will receive 4 weeks Free PetPlan Insurance upon Adopting an animal from us. 

Contact Details


Telephone Number: 01633 866144 

Phone Line Opening Times

  • Monday-Sunday (including Bank Holidays) 
  • 9am-4:30pm
  • CLOSED Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Email Address: 



Breed - Domestic Short Hair 
Colour - Calico
Date of Birth 3rd February 2018
Arrived at ACGAS - 15th May 2023.

Meet the magnificent Tinkerbell. Sadly her previous owners could no longer keep her, due to her sudden temperamental behaviour within the home. Tink does require a specific home due to this. She can be very loving one minute and fiery the next! She's a real character. 

Tink's previous owners had her since she was 12 weeks old, she then became temperamental around November 2022. Since Tink has been in with us, we investigated her behaviour at the Vets and found that due to her not being spayed, she had a very inflamed Uterus and benign cysts. We believe that this could have contributed to her sudden change in behaviour, due to her being in pain and going through continuous seasons.


Tink is full of energy and loves to play but also likes to have her space bubble respected. She will tolerate a fuss and head scratch on her terms but will quickly tell you when she has had enough.

She has always been an indoor only cat which is why a large catio area would be ideal for her, but not essential. She has never lived with any other animals before but this is not to say she could never live with the right match. 

Tink will need lots of toys and enrichment to keep her entertained and lots of hidy spaces and high up perchs in which she can survey her kingdom! In her down time, Tink would prefer to explore on her own terms and have a patient owner who can give her the time and understanding that she needs.

If you are ready for a spicy feline to be a part of your home, please email into us to request a Perfect Match Form.


Simba and Timone

Breed - Simba - Domestic Short Hair. Timone - Domestic Long Hair.
Colour - Simba - Tabby. Timone - Brown and White.
Gender - Males
Dates of Birth - Simba 1st March 2011. Timone 1st January 2012
Arrived at ACGAS - 20th July 2023.

Simba and Timone are two very friendly boys. Timone was originally named Narla before being discovered that she was a he in the previous home!

We have been told that Simba is a very adventurous cat who likes to spend most of his time outdoors and that Timone is the more cuddly one of the two. From what we have observed of them whilst being in our Cattery, Simba will often get jealous if you are only fussing Timone and will head butt you for attention. Both are extremely friendly, affectionate boys. They have lived with a large breed of dog in the past with no issues. They often see a Staff members Labrador and are very comfortable around him. Both cats could potentially live with another cat, given they are the right match for their temperament. 


Despite both boys being on the older side, they are very active and do not act their age! They are both absolute sweethearts. 



Timone had his blood taken on the 3rd August 2023 and the results showed very early signs of Hyperthyroidism.

There are several licensed medications available in the UK for hyperthyroidism in cats. If your pet is not responding well to their medical treatment, your veterinary surgeon may recommend trying a similar alternative. 

Medication should not be used with certain conditions such as diabetes and anaemia – another reason for running a blood test before treatment. In order to monitor effectiveness, as well as potential side effects, cats should have regular blood tests. Usually, we would begin testing at three, six, 10 and 20 weeks and then every three months following.

With hyperthyroidism in cats, medication will have to be given for the rest of the cat’s life, although it is not unusual for the dose to change over time. You should make sure to not split or crush the medication. 

Timone also has a slight heart murmur which will need to be monitored but is currently in no need of medication for this at this time. 


We are looking for adopters who ideally live in a rural setting or a quiet cul-de-sac area as these pair are known to love the great outdoors. Could this be you? If you think so, please email into us to request a Perfect Match Form. 


Phil and Grant

Breed - Domestic Short Hairs
Colour - Phil - White & Black. Grant - Black and White. 
Gender - Males
Dates of Birth - Phil 2014 Approx. Grant 3rd August 2019
Arrived at ACGAS: 6th September 2023

Phil and Grant are a beautiful pair of cats looking for their forever home. They are both friendly felines who love the company of their carers and are very affectionate. When they first arrived to us, they were very quiet and nervous within their cabin but they are now brimming with confidence! They greet us with purr's and head bumps every morning now before breakfast, it is lovely to see that they are settled and comfortable. 

Both adore head scratches and Grant especially, will show you his belly. We think they miss having someone with them most of the day, to give them constant affection. 



Grant has been seen by our Vets and has what is called a hematoma on his left ear. Sadly the ear has shrivelled up and the skin inside can be uncomfortable for him. He has recently been on a course of steroids to help with this and has had both ears cleaned out whilst under GA. He is currently on no medication for this. 

Both could live with sensible secondary school aged children and could potentially live with other cats as they have come from a multi-cat household. 


If you think you could adopt this lovely pair, please email into us at to request a Perfect Match Form.

Riley and Maisey

Breed - Riley - Ragdoll X. Maisey - Domestic Long Hair
Colour - Riley - Grey. Maisey - Black and White
Gender - Riley - Male. Maisey - Female
Dates of Birth - Riley 16th August 2012. Maisey 31st January 2012
Arrived at ACGAS - 8th October 2023

Say a warm hello to Riley and Maisey.

They are a gorgeous pair that are very bonded.

Both are very affectionate but can take a while to warm up to new people. They require a specialised home that has previous cat experience. Their ideal home consists of the following:

- A calm home environment with no young children.

- Cat savvy owners who know how to settle new, nervous cats into a new environment.

- Patient owners

Riley will tolerate a head scratch but Maisy is very hesitant and not very trusting at the moment. As of 12th November, they are sadly still very reserved in themselves. They have plenty of hiding places and igloo's in their current enclosure and they only come out for food when no one is in the Unit. Both are currently very shy and nervous. 

As both cats have lived in the same home for 11 years, this sudden big change for them must be a scary experience and therefore, their current behaviour is classed as completely normal. 

As they are both long haired, adopters will need to keep on top of their grooming. Riley was especially matted when coming into us and had to be de-matted at the Vets. Riley has also had a dental due to his teeth being in very poor condition. 


If you think you have the puurfect home to give your undivided attention to this sweet pair, please email into us at to request a Perfect Match Form. 


Breed - Domestic Short Hair X Savannah
Gender - Female
Date of Birth 13th October 2010
Arrived at ACGAS - 2nd November 2023

Say hello to the wonderful Cuba

Cuba is a very friendly girl once she gets to know you. She is gentle, vocal and quite needy! She loves to be near her handlers and to be involved in everything that is going on. Cuba has been around children in her previous home but usually wandered off when they were present. Cuba was brought into the Sanctuary due to her owner travelling for long periods of time and she did not feel it was fair on her anymore. 

She has never lived with any other animals and therefore it is uncertain whether she could live in harmony with another cat but with the right match to her temperament, it could be a possibility. 

She adores fusses and chin scratches and greets us with very loud meows every morning for breakfast, she loves her food! 

Cuba would make a lovely companion and would be best suited to a quieter home with sensible children, where she can cat nap and enjoy all the attention till her hearts content. 



Cuba has had pancreatitis twice in the past and therefore needs to be on a consistent balanced diet. Please ask the Animal Welfare Team for further information. 


Breed - Domestic Short Hair
Colour - Tabby and White
Gender - Female
Date of Birth - 2014 Approx
Arrived at ACGAS - 31st October 2023

Ross is a real character that carers have fallen in love with! This lovely lad adores attention and is always happy to see everyone he meets. He will do anything for food and enjoys 1-1 time having cwtches and dreamies. 

Ross was handed over to the Sanctuary due to his previous owner being taken into care and neighbours were unable to care for him long-term. He would be suited best to a quiet household where he can receive plenty of around the clock attention. He currently greets his carers in the mornings by banging and jumping on the glass!

Ross only has 1 tooth and for most of the time, has his lip stuck! He pulls his fair share of faces. The Vets believe that he may have had extractions in the past as he has no sign of ill dental health. 

Ross could potentially live with another cat but we are unsure as to whether he has ever been around dogs.


Ross came in with a hernia and will be having this repaired on the 27th November 2023. After his recovery, he will be ready to start his new adventure!


Breed - Domestic Medium Hair 
Colour - Black/Brown and White 
Gender - Male
Date of Birth 2013 Approx
Arrived at ACGAS - 11th November 2023

Meet the lovely Oliver,

Oliver was brought into our Sanctuary by a kind family who took him off the streets after seeing the state he was in. Upon arrival, Oliver was severely matted, dehydrated, had gunky eyes and was covered in urine. He is a shy boy who will need to have an owner with a lot of patience and understanding, as we have no idea where he has come from or how long he was a stray for. Oliver likes his own space and will enjoy a head scratch but only if you are very calm around him. 

We do believe that Oliver's hearing isn't 100% and due to this, he can be easily startled if you accidentally sneak up on him. 

We truly believe that this handsome chap has bags of character, he just needs to be given some time to gain confidence around humans again. He absolutely adores wet food and will approach you to be fed, this is a good way to build confidence with him and most importantly, a bond. 

Oliver will need a home without any other animals or small children. 



Oliver is undergoing a dental procedure on the 22nd November. This is too extract two broken canines. 


Domestic Long Hair, Female, Date of Birth 18th November 2018 (5 years old) Arrived to our cattery 24th November 2023. 

Can I live with other cats? Yes
Can I live with dogs? No

Can I live with teenagers?


Can I live with young children?


Do I have any medical issues?


Can I live as an indoor cat?

No. I love to explore the great outdoors as I am an amazing hunter. 

Daisy was originally from All Creatures in 2019. Sadly through no fault of her own, she has now come back to us. When Daisy was rehomed in 2019, she was rehomed with another cat called Milo. Therefore Daisy could potentially live with another in her new home, if their temperaments matched.

She is an extremely affectionate girl who usually answers to "sweetie" rather than Daisy. She is an amazing hunter and is a very active girl. She is also very vocal and has a unique meow, you can tell which one is her in the Cattery straight away!