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Rehome a Dog

Browse all of the dogs that are currently in our care who are all in need of loving forever homes!


Re-homing is strictly by appointment. 

If you are interested in re-homing any of dogs, please email us at for an application form to register your interest. We do try to respond to every application form once received, but if demand for the dog is high, this is not always possible. You should presume if you do not receive a reply within 7 days that your application has not been successful. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of looking after the dogs please use the " DONATE" button on this website.  

Alternately you may want to sponsor one of the kennels - this is a great way to support the sanctuary and also makes a nice gift. For more information visit the support us page on our website. 

Odin and Murphy

Lurcher X Labrador's 

Male - Brothers

Dates of Birth - 17 March 2018

Odin (Left) Murphy (RIGHT)



Odin and Murphy are a very sociable pair of boys, they have never been separated and we are looking to rehome them together. Both are extremely friendly and loving. They will make a great addition to someone's family. Both are okay with other dogs but they can be wary if the other dog is more boisterous than them. Odin and Murphy have lived with a cat in the past but due to their reactivity, we recommend that they not be homed into a household with a cat present. They are both good on lead but their recall will need extensive work. We would not trust them off lead in an unsecure environment. An active family, who have a lot of time to dedicate to exercising Odin and Murphy would be best. Odin is the more independent of the two, where as, Murphy is the more needier.  

Size Scale: Odin and Murphy are in-between a Labrador and Lurcher height. Their photo makes them appear smaller than they actually are. 

Bentley and Paris (RESERVED)


Bentley - Male (LEFT)

Paris - Female (RIGHT)


Dates of Birth - Bentley: 2017. Paris: 2015.


Cruise, Bentley and Paris came into us all together on the 4th July 2021. We are now taking in applications for Cruise to be rehomed either SEPERATELY or with Paris and Bentley. 

Bentley and Paris are both very friendly dogs. Paris is the more nervous of the two at first. Both enjoy a cuddle and love attention. Cruise can become a little nippy when overly excited but this is not aggression. Both would suit a calm home environment with no young children or other animals.


- Age range for children 18+. 

- Experience with the breed - Desirable. 




Jack Russell X Basset Hound


Date of Birth: 26th October 2015


Spot came into us on the 10th September 2021. Spot is a very friendly dog who loves attention and cuddles. He especially enjoys a belly rub!

Spot can have a few trust issues at first and can take some time to get to know someone new, Spot is fine with both men and women but he warms up to women quicker as he is more wary around men. Spot gets on well with other dogs and has been tested with 3 of our Staff Dogs at the Sanctuary (Cocker Spaniel and Labrador breeds). Spot has lived with 2 cats in the past and does not react to the cats in our Cattery, at the vets or in a vehicle. Spot can be very vocal and can bark for attention or when excited. Spot is currently being walked on a chain lead as he likes to try and bite the lead whilst on a walk. Spot may not be 100% house trained but with neutering, it could improve (this will be done before he is rehomed). Spot is very good in the bath and good travelling. Spot's recall is not 100% but could be perfected. He pulls slightly on lead but does calm down after a while.

Spot knows basic commands such as paw and sit but he tends to react to "Speak" the most. 

Spot would suit an active household that can take him on long adventurous walks and give him the loving home that he so deserves. 

Age range for children 10+.  

Important Re-homing procedures for Dogs

A home visit will be carried out prior to any re-homing to ensure that we have the right match.

For  our dogs, a re-homing donation of £200.00 is requested. This helps us cover the costs of caring for our dogs, neutering, worm and flea treatment, and also any required veterinary care.

After re-homing, you'll be able to access advice from the Sanctuary as needed for the rest of the dog's life.

Please note :

  • If you live in rented accommodation the Sanctuary will require your landlord's written permission.
  • We do not re-home our dogs with existing dogs that are not neutered (unless for medical or exceptional circumstances).

Also, if you would like more information on any of the dogs available for adoption please contact the Sanctuary on (01633) 866144