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Rabbits and Small Animals for Adoption


Small Animals Of The Week: Poptart and Waffle! Please find their information below 



Browse all of the small animals currently in our care that are in search of their forever homes!


If you are interested in re-homing one of our small animals, please e-mail into us at to request a "Perfect Match Form".  While we will try to reply to every application, this isn't always possible due to demand, therefore if you do not receive a reply within 14 days you should presume your application has been unsuccessful on this occasion. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of looking after our rabbits, guinea pigs and the upkeep of their enclosures, please use the "DONATE" button on this website. Many thanks! 


Important Re-homing Criteria for Small Animals

    • Adoption Fee for Rabbits £50.00. This goes toward the cost of looking after them whilst they are at the Sanctuary and towards their health checks and any additional vet care. Where appropriate, we will neuter the rabbit. 
    • Adoption Fee for Guinea Pigs - £15
    • Adoption Fee for Rats - £10
    • Adoption Fee for Hamsters - £5
    • All of our rabbits are fully vaccinated before leaving the Sanctuary.

The Process

  • Upon sending your Perfect Match Form to us, you will need to include photos of the enclosure/set up that the animal will have.
  • If your application is successful, we will invite all household members in to attend a "meet and greet" with the animal. All household members must attend in order to go ahead to the next stage. 
  • If you would like a rabbit or guinea pig to live with your existing pet, you would need to bring them to the Sanctuary for the meet and greet. 
  • Once the meet and greet has been passed, you will then go onto book an Adoption Date. 
  • All Adopters will receive 4 weeks Free PetPlan Insurance upon Adopting a Rabbit from us. 

Cage Minimum sizes and requirements 

All cages are required to meet the minimum size for each animal. We would be unable to home any animals in a cage/enclosure under the minimum. If you have any additional questions about this please email into us.


Rabbits have a wide range of ways you can keep them enclosed in a safe space. We recommend a minimum enclosed space of 3 metres by 2 meters for each rabbit you own but bigger is always better. It also needs to be tall enough for the rabbit to stand on his/her hindlegs and their ears to not touch the roof and additional space to jump. This can be a rabbit proof room inside the house, free roam of the house, a predator proof shed or an enclosed predator proof space in the garden with shelters provided. We also recommend having at least two rabbits as they are social animals so you will need to make sure you have enough space for at least two, unless under special circumstances and the rabbit needs to live alone. Rabbits would also benefit from a outdoor space with grass to graze on if kept indoors.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need a cage size of a minimum of 2 feet by 3 feet and for each additional pig add another 2 feet, but we always recommend bigger is better. This can be provided in a C+C style cage, an appropriate sized hutch, a dedicated room in your house, or in a predator proof outdoor enclosure with additional insulation during winter months outdoors. They would also benefit from a area outside to graze on the grass in the nicer weather in the spring/summer months. 


Hamsters need a minimum cage size of 100cm by 50cm, with enough space to give at least 6 inches of deep bedding for them to burrow in. They are solitary animals so you would not need to worry about addition space for each hamster. Cages of this size can mostly be found on amazon such as the Pawhut, Bucatstate cage and Niteangel cages. They also need to be provided with a wheel which has to be at least 30cm no matter the species of hamster, to ensure they can run with their back not curving to avoid any strain or injury.  


Gerbils need a cage size of 100cm by 50cm, with enough space to give at least 10 inches of deep bedding for them to burrow in. Gerbils need to live in pairs or groups so should have more space with the addition of another Gerbil. They also need to be provided with a wheel which should be at least 30cm to avoid any back strain or injury. 


Rats need a cage size of 3 feet by 1.5 feet and needs to be at least 1.5 feet tall. Rats do need floor space but it is very important to give them height with lots of items to climb on. Rats need to live in at least pairs or groups so more space needs to be added for every additional rat. Rats can use wheels but they mostly aren't needed, if you would like to provide one for a large male it would need to be at least 16 inches. Suitable cages are widely avaliable. 

If you would like more information on any of the Small Animals available for adoption or have any questions, please contact the Sanctuary on:

(01633) 866144


Cheddar & Buffy

Guinea Pigs
1 Male, 1 Female
Dates of Birth: Cheddar April 2022. Buffy 2020

Meet our teddy boy Cheddar and his girlfriend, Buffy.

This adorable pair are ready for find their new home. Cheddar came into us on the 2nd May with two other male guinea pigs. They sadly all had to be separated due to fighting. Buffy then came in on the 31st July 2023 and made the perfect companion for him. They are now inseparable! 

Cheddar is a very confident guinea pig. He loves to be stroked, will give nose boops and enjoys an occasional snuggle in our arms. Buffy can still be a little shy but she is starting to come around slowly. Both love running around their enclosure and sharing their veggies with each other.  

Both require a home with suitable housing, plenty of hides and enrichment.



Cheddar has been neutered and Buffy is spayed. Upon investigation before her operation, it was found that she had a golf ball sized tumour pushing up against her bladder, this tumour has now been successfully removed but we cannot say for certain whether it was cancerous or not. Potential adopters must be aware to keep an eye on any lumps or bumps when handling her in the future, in case the tumour re-surfaces. 

Minimum sizing requirements for a pair of guinea pigs is 4ft by 2ft (sleeping area) and an additional exercise area attached 6ft by 2ft.

Poptart and Waffle

Guinea Pigs
Long Haired
Dates of Birth 2021

Poptart and Waffle are a pair of young adult male guinea pigs, likely brothers, who are looking for a home together. They are both very timid upon first greeting. They are fine to be handled and will settle on your lap but they will need to form a bond with their handler and will need A LOT of socialisation. They love going out into their grass run to enjoy the sunshine! They are currently in a large converted shed with plenty of tunnels, enrichment and hiding places!

Both Guinea Pigs are long haired and will require regular grooming to make sure their coats stay smooth and shiny!

Suitable minimum indoor accommodation for 2 to 3 guinea pigs would be at least a 5ft by 2ft cage, lined with a suitable substrate or fleece and filled with tubes, hiding places and sleeping areas. Minimum space requirements for 2 guinea pigs is recommended at 120cm by 60cm. If kept outdoors, a 4ft by 2ft hutch with an attached 5ft run would be appropriate. The run is an classed as an extra space, not a living space. Consideration must be given to how the guinea pigs will be housed during the winter months. Outdoor accommodation can be moved to a sheltered area such as a garage or outbuilding, or the guinea pigs should be brought inside. 

We ask for a £30 adoption fee for a pair of guinea pigs. To apply to adopt, or for more information please email into us. When enquiring, please provide a photo and dimensions of any accommodation that is currently in place. Thank you. 


Tater and Tot

Dates of Birth - Tater - January 2021. Tot - January 2022

Tater and Tot came into our care on the 9th June 2023. They are mother and daughter. Tater (Mum) can be a little dominant around Tot (daughter) at times and due to this, they will need a large enclosure in their new home with plenty of space to run around. 

This is what their carers have to say about them:
Tater (Grey and White bun) loves affection and does not mind a stroke. She is the more sociable of the two. She enjoys exploring her enclosure and often runs up to you when she knows you have tasty greens!

Tot (Brown bun) is a bit shyer than her mother and enjoys her own company. Nevertheless, she will come up to you for food but at her own pace and on her terms. Tot also adores spending time outside rather than inside here with us, this could change in a home environment, depending on the set up. 

We are looking for these bunnies to be rehomed as soon as possible so that they can have access to a lot more space!


Rabbits are very active, inquisitive animals and need lots of space to perform all their natural behaviours. It is recommended that a pair of medium-sized rabbits should be housed in an area measuring at least 3m x 2m x 1m (L x W x H) which incorporates an integral shelter measuring at least 1m x 2m x 0.75m (L x W x H) and a large space for them to exercise. 


Colour: Harlequin
Date of Birth July 2022 Approx

Say hello to Fabio

Fabio was found wandering the Llanaravon area of Cwmbran before being taken in by a kind member of the public. The member of the public had a dog in the home already and apparently Fabio was not phased by his presence.

He is a very friendly bun that prefers a calm approach. He spends a lot of time in his outside run here therefore access to an outdoor, grassy run is essential for him. 

Fabio could potentially be paired up with a female to keep him company. 
He enjoys nibbling on his enrichment items provided but once he has had enough, he will go back into his indoor run for a lay down and a snooze on the upstairs level. 

He could be rehomed with older, sensible children that will continue with his socialisation and grooming when needed.



Date of Birth 15th February 2021

Say hello to our beautiful boy, Totoro. Totoro came into us on the 23rd September as the owner could sadly no longer care for him. He has always been an Indoor bun and is now looking for a female bun to keep him company if possible.

Totoro loves the attention of his handlers and can get a little sad when left on his own. He is used to having the run of the house and having company almost 24/7. He would benefit from a household that can dedicate a lot of time to playing and socialising with him. He can be a little stand-offish at first but this is normal behaviour due to his sudden environment change. He would suit a home with older children (12+). Due to him never being handled by younger children, he is very nervous around them. 


Totoro had his front teeth removed in the past and is due to have a dental check on the 13th October 2023.


Date of Birth October 2021
Arrived at ACGAS: 28th October 2023

Daisy arrived to our Sanctuary due to her previous owner moving house to a property without a garden. 

This sweet girl is a little nervous at times but will come over to you for a tasty treat. She can be a bit impatient and will throw her bowl around her enclosure if it is empty! She's a real character.

Daisy would love company from another bun. If you have a lonely male rabbit looking for a companion, Daisy may be the one for you!

She enjoys having fuss at times but enjoys receiving veggie treats even more. As mentioned, she can be a little timid initially so we are looking for her to be rehomed to a quieter home.

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