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Rehome a Rabbit or Small Animal

Browse the rabbits and small animals in our care who are searching for their forever homes!

Catalina and Renata


Both Female

Bonded Pair

Dates of birth - 8/20


Catalina and Renata are both very friendly and confident. They came into us on the 22nd February 2021. They will require an adequate sized Degu cage to suit all of their needs. Both are fine with being handled. 

Penguin and Unicorn

Guinea Pigs

Both Male

Penguin - Black with caramel stripe. Unicorn - White and brown.

Bonded Pair

Dates of Birth - October 2020


These adorable pair are looking for their forever home. Penguin and Unicorn came into us on the 27th March 2021. Both are a little shy at first but are friendly and used to being handled. They have been around young children in the past. 


Checkered Giant Rabbit


Date of Birth - Approx 2016


Thumbalina came into us on the 22nd March 2021. Thumbalina can be a little nervous on first greeting. She is curious and will come up to you for food. Thumbalina will need a lot of socialisation and an experienced owner who has had the breed/rabbits before. 

Age range for children: 12+


Netherland Dwarf


Date of Birth - Approx 2019


Toola came into us on the 3rd April 2021. Toola is a very sweet, quiet rabbit. Toola is litter trained and has spent most of her life indoors, although since being with us, she has spent 99% of her time outdoors through her own choice. Due to this, we would like Toola to have the option of both. Toola lived previously with another Netherland Dwarf (Male) but unfortunately she started picking on him due to his health deteriorating. Toola could potentially live with another rabbit in the future. 

Minnie and Magic

Lilac/Blue x2


Date of Birth - Approx 2019


Minnie and Magic are very curious, friendly rabbits. Minnie (Lighter) is the more dominant and likes to do her own thing whereas, Magic is more handleable and will come over to greet you. 

Important Re-homing Criteria for Rabbits and Small Animals

  • For a rabbit, the adoption fee is £50.00. This goes toward the cost of looking after them whilst they are at the sanctuary and health checks. Where appropriate we will neuter the rabbit .
  • If you would like a rabbit to live with your existing pet, you would need to bring them to the Sanctuary so they can be assessed together.
  • You will need a suitable hutch and a secure run for the rabbit. We will need to see a photograph of your hutch & run before you can take your rabbit home.

Guinea Pigs cost £15 each and the prospective owner needs to have their own hutch. If a Guinea Pig comes in a pair they will have to both be rehomed together.

Rats cost £10 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.

Hamsters cost £5 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.


If you would like more information on any of the rabbits available for adoption please contact the Sanctuary on : (01633) 866144