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Rehome a Rabbit or Small Animal

Browse the rabbits and small animals in our care who are searching for their forever homes!


Grey and White


Date of Birth - Approx 2018


Peter came into us on the 22nd April 2021. Peter is a very confident, inquisitive rabbit. He enjoys fuss and being stroked but is not keen on being picked up. If he is handled too much he will get stressed and can scratch. Peter could potentially be paired up with another rabbit. 

Experienced owners - compulsory 

Age range for children is 10+.


Guinea Pig


Date of Birth - 2020 Appox.


Mortimer came into us on the 24th May 2021. He is a shy guinea pig who will need time and patience to warm up to someone new. He has lived with a female guinea pig and a rabbit in the past but they were separated due to the female not being spayed and the rabbit not getting along with them. Mortimer could potentially be paired up with another guinea pig in the future. 


Domestic Rat


Date of Birth - 2018-2019 Approx


Oreo is a very sweet rat who needs a specialised home. He can be friendly but is very shy at first. Oreo originally came into us in February 2021 and was rehomed to a home with other male rats, unfortunately he was brought back to us on the 3rd June 2021 due to him not getting along with the younger rats in the enclosure. Oreo originally came in with another older rat, therefore, we believe he would suit an environment with another rat that is around the same age as him.



Date of Birth - 2019 Approx


Thumper came into us on the 6th June 2021 with very overgrown teeth. He spent his first night at one of our Animal Welfare Staff's homes taking in critical care before having his teeth done the next day. As Thumper's teeth grow quite quickly he may need them done again in the future, due to how overgrown they were the first time, they may never be the ideal shape but he is able to eat with them no problem! Thumper is now on the mend! He is a very sweet rabbit who adores attention. He has been well socialised in the past and enjoys being stroked and does not mind being handled/picked up. Thumper has been around guinea pig in the past and does not seem bothered by calm dogs. Thumper could potentially be paired up with another rabbit. 


Guinea Pig


Date of Birth - 2020 


Carla came into us on the 24th May 2021. She was initially paired up with two of our resident guinea pigs, 1 male and 1 female, Carla got on well with both and vice versa but after a week Carla pushed our male out of the hutch and acted as the "alpha". Carla is now up for rehoming as we believe she would get on better in a larger environment with more guinea pigs or just 1 other. Carla originally came in another guinea pig (a male) but they had to be separated as they were both not neutered. Carla lived also with a rabbit in the past and had quite bad wounds when she came in. Carla is now fully recovered and could potentially be paired up with another. Carla is a little nervous at first but she is a very confident guinea pig once she gets to know you. 



Date of Birth - 2018


Elsa came into us on the 10th June 2021. Elsa is a very confident, curious rabbit who enjoys being outdoors and loves affection! Elsa is fine being stroked but does not like being picked up. Elsa would suit a calm home environment. She could potentially be paired up with another rabbit. 

Age range for children: 12+

Important Re-homing Criteria for Rabbits and Small Animals

  • For a rabbit, the adoption fee is £50.00. This goes toward the cost of looking after them whilst they are at the sanctuary and health checks. Where appropriate we will neuter the rabbit .
  • If you would like a rabbit to live with your existing pet, you would need to bring them to the Sanctuary so they can be assessed together.
  • You will need a suitable hutch and a secure run for the rabbit. We will need to see a photograph of your hutch & run before you can take your rabbit home.

Guinea Pigs cost £15 each and the prospective owner needs to have their own hutch. If a Guinea Pig comes in a pair they will have to both be rehomed together.

Rats cost £10 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.

Hamsters cost £5 each, and the owner will have to own a suitable enclosure.


If you would like more information on any of the rabbits available for adoption please contact the Sanctuary on : (01633) 866144